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Ashmont Rally

On a brisk Friday morning, 3/20/15, the “Budget for All Coalition”, Dorchester People for Peace representing 80 organizations from community, labor, and peace groups leafleted commuters and rallied at the Ashmont, Dorchester MBTA Station.
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They sung a song about The Trains that Never Returned, organizing people to join the movement to urge Congress to discontinue Cuts to the “T”, Close Corporate Tax Loopholes, Tax the 1%, End the Wars, Redirect Pentagon Spending to Domestic Needs, and "Pass a People’s Budget” to fund public transit.

Congress must not cut vital programs such as Medicaid, Medicare , Healthcare Coverage , Food Stamps, and Education Funding! The Coalition is urging people to make phone calls to Congress to pass a “People’s Budget”, rather than continuing with the Republican focus of extending tax subsidies for the wealthy 1% and large corporations, increasing military spending even ABOVE the levels sought by the Pentagon and President Obama. The battle is on next week: Congress must be pressured to vote on an alternative People’s Budget proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus”, that rejects Republican “austerity” and would provide $820 billion over 10 years for infrastructure improvements to fix and upgrade the “T”.

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